The REF-OR-M Solution for Smart Living offers a pre-configured, end-to-end reference solution, tailored to suit varied set of needs related to property and housing management, facilities, and other real estate management aspects. It comprises end-to-end process flows, and proven best practices from successful D365 transformation engagements to achieve greater business value with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This solution has multiple components that can be used in whole or as parts depending on the needs of the client. This can be applicable to public sector/community councils as well as real estate/facility management companies as applicable.


Challenges & Solutions

  • Exciting, engaging sales cycle with XR-enabled experience in property buying and visualization
  • Easy and integrated selling methods to manage pricing and quote responses easily

Digital automations for faster TAT of employees both back office and front office

  • Superior experience for customers with digital channels for self-service
  • App-based solution for living management, dashboards for tracking sustainability

  • Win rate improvement opportunity, size/volume increase
  • Improved lead conversion rate