We systematically accelerate the transformation of your enterprise into a more productive workplace. By bringing in automation and leveraging Microsoft’s Enterprise mobility and security solutions, we enable the migration of users, sites and content to cloud-based Office 365, roll out Windows 10 and mobile application management, while ensuring security for your mobile workforce. Our solutions will empower your employees to collaborate anywhere across the globe, at any time and on any device. Infosys Collaboration Workbench will help you help you quickly iterate, prototype and realize value from your investments in Office 365 by reducing process definition and deployment efforts, decreasing the configuration time and managing apps and their interactions seamlessly.

Accelerate the transformation of your enterprise into a more productive workplace.


Drive increased adoption by leveraging our workplace transformation services, powered by our Infosys Collaboration Workbench - Office 365 based toolkit that provides a Design Workbench, operations dashboard and the power of automation to drive Office365 adoption and enhanced user experience through continuous innovation across implementation and managed services.

Empower your workforce


Challenges & Solutions

We help in accelerating go-lives with pre-defined templates and automation scripts, and reduce process definition and deployment efforts by 35%

We address enterprise demands related to ideation portals, knowledge management, and policy repositories faster. The application catalogue - a repository of feature-rich, functional, reusable and context-aware applications – play a big role here. These apps are plug and play conveniences that bring down configuration time by up to 60%. Chatbots integrated with these apps make the user experience immersive

We manage apps and their interactions seamlessly. Personalization of the collaboration portals and experience increases user adoption by around 40%