The REF-OR-M solution built for Digital Marketing & CX Solution for Mortgage is a pre-configured, reference solution, tailored to manage the Sales lifecycle and digital marketing for the Mortgage industry. This solution comprises of end-to-end process flows, functional solution components, proven best practices from successful D365 transformation engagements in this area, brought together in a unique solution concept to achieve efficiency, business value and cost optimization for lead management, digital campaign management and loan office experience.

This solution offers components for efficient lead management with lead to loan sales management and campaign management features for seamless planning to execution, for an enhanced experience.

Enabling faster deployment and enhanced experience in Mortgage industry


The volume and the variety of data generated by mortgage companies leads to data handling challenges since most of the data is unstructured. Document processing is an important part of the mortgage industry which is time consuming and leads to delay in loan disbursement. Processes keep changing and are different in different regions as per local rules and regulations. All of this results in longer sales cycle since sales team does not get an accurate view. Apart from this, running and managing marketing campaigns and capturing leads in a structured manner is critical.

The solution built on Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement platform combines 3 core business functionalities -- Marketing, Lead-to-loan Sales, and Analytics, for powering loan officers, realtors, and marketers to manage end to end lead-to-loan lifecycle. This solution helps with:

  • Agile & Accelerated Approach to deploy CX solution for Mortgage
  • Enhanced Experience for Loan officers & end Customers alike & ease of management
  • Systematic Management of Leads and Campaigns with Automation
  • End-to-end Offering for CX for Mortgage across Marketing and Sales
  • Preconfigured Integration enabling Reduced TCO & Faster Deployment

Challenges & Solutions

Analytics provides insights on next best actions, dashboards and reports needed to reduce TAT for loan disbursement

Integration of CX & Loan Processing helps in improving customer experience and overall customer relationship

Pre-configured marketing and campaign solutions help in automating and executing multi-channel campaigns with a provision for easy leads capture