Infosys helps organizations that cannot scale- up because of legacy systems transform to next-gen architecture by re-engineering to cloud- native architecture.

Typically done using cloud-native techniques, leveraging micro-services, containers and decoupling, re-engineering creates a new application with similar performance, re-imagines user experience and new business functionalities, allowing customers to take advantage of the scale, innovation and security of the cloud.

Transform to next-gen architecture


Infosys accelerates re-engineering implementation and delivery using proprietary, as well as partner platforms and tools, and extreme automation so clients benefit with:

  • Platform based re-engineering approach focusing on solutions for high transaction mission critical applications
  • Industry solutions to drive re-engineering from a business perspective to create next-gen, digital enterprises

Challenges & Solutions

Tool-based approach for knowledge discovery and for minimizing dependency on SMEs

Continuous value delivery
Infosys has developed a set of business and technology patterns that helps create a roadmap for delivering continuous business value

Iterative approach and tools

Enable identification of risks early on; tools and testing frameworks also minimize risks

Next-gen architecture

Monitor transactions, derive insights, use of Infosys Nia and solutions like Hadoop, data mining and visualization extract meaningful insights from legacy systems that assist in decision making

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