Infosys ValuePLUS framework for SAP application maintenance services

Is your SAP applications maintenance portfolio showing cost overruns, inflexibility, negligible benefit realization, and zero innovation? Do you want to move away from a conventional personnel allocation, to a measurable outcome based model that reduces application downtime, and increases flexibility of critical business processes?

Then Infosys has the answer. We deliver SAP application maintenance services (AMS), through our comprehensive ValuePLUS framework. This includes industry best / new practices, and addresses all the above concerns. Our core philosophy is to eliminate, automate, or shift-left. Thus, the resultant funnel is a significantly reduced maintenance work, with maximum uptime for the end-users.

Infosys ValuePLUS framework for SAP application maintenance services


Scope of our services:

Key Benefits / Differentiators

  • Simplification through smart governance
  • Higher productivity through robotic automation, artificial intelligence, self-healing, problem analytics, and Panaya CloudQuality Suite
  • Higher business satisfaction with command center, business SLA, innovation council, service orientation, and Design Thinking
  • Flexible pricing model with commitment to risk and reward sharing
  • Future proofing with innovation as key
  • Infosys is an SAP global services partner and certified in AMS
  • First partner to become member of Global Run SAP partner program
  • With the ValuePLUS framework, we have seen ticket elimination up to 48%, and effort reduction up to 30%.
  • Minimize SAP upgrade risk, with our upgrade assessment and execution leveraging Panaya CloudQuality Suite

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