Infosys ValuePLUS service offering leverages the new age digital technologies to provide SAP Application Management and Support Services.

The core philosophy of Infosys ValuePLUS is all about delivering Zero Touch, Reliable and Autonomous service delivery to ensure disruption-free operations with an elevated user experience.

Infosys ValuePLUS2.0 - Zero touch, Reliable, and Autonomous

Want to transform your user experience with intelligent application support?


Infosys ValuePLUS 2.0 framework for Application Maintenance Services (AMS) helps enterprises achieve:

  • Sentient and smart application operation
  • Higher productivity through robotic automation, continuous self-healing, learn and act through artificial intelligence
  • Reliable and zero touch AMS amplifying humans through cognitive actions performed by digital brain-powered bots
  • Delivering an end-to-end highly productive, cost-effective, and smart application management services

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys ValuePLUS 2.0 service offering provides a comprehensive next generation services around SAP Application Management that is cost-effective, scalable with flexible pricing models, with a focus on value delivery.

Our cognitive-driven application delivery leverages artificial intelligence components to deliver Sense, Analyze, Act, and Learn cycle continuously.

The core of our approach is driven by service reliability principles, enabled with DevOps guarantees an interruption-free operation along with continuous innovations.

Infosys ValuePLUS 2.0 framework drives to understand person-based experience and devices a solution approach to elevate and amplify human experiences.