Infosys provides SAP Application Maintenance Services through its comprehensive ValuePLUS service offering that includes the industry’s best and new practices. Our core philosophy is to Eliminate, Automate or Shift-Left so that the resultant funnel has significantly reduced maintenance work with maximum up-time with end users.

Want to reduce maintenance work with maximum uptime?


Infosys ValuePLUS framework for AMS helps enterprises achieve:

  • Simplification through smart governance
  • Higher productivity through robotic automation, artificial intelligence, self-healing, problem analytics, and Panaya CloudQuality Suite
  • Higher business satisfaction with command center, business SLA, innovation council, service orientation, and Design Thinking
  • Up to 48% ticket elimination and 30% effort reduction on redundant low variant tickets

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys ValuePLUS service offering provides a comprehensive next generation services around SAP Application Management that is cost effective, scalable with flexible pricing models with a focus on Value delivery.

As part of Infosys ValuePLUS offering, we conduct a detailed maturity assessment to simplify the application management work, eliminate manual work, automate bulk of the work using various automation levers as well leverage DevOps framework for an effective service delivery organization.

Infosys SAP ValuePLUS has specific solutions leveraging several AI components like Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, SAP Leonardo and IoT. We are actively engaged in our clients digital transformation journey leveraging these technologies.