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Enterprise Architecture


Building Blocks for Enterprise Business Architecture

In this white paper, our experts evaluate all established meta-models and frameworks of Enterprise Business Architecture and extract the key ingredients to build a meta-model of their own. This composite meta-model, they...

This article appears in SETLabs Briefings on 'Effective Business Analysis' (Volume 6 No. 4)

Over-Engineering Enterprise Architecture and Business Competitiveness

Evolving models such as outsourcing and collaboration and an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions have made planning the corporate IT landscape more challenging and competitive. While technology is helping businesses become more competitive,...

This article appeared in the SETLabs Briefings on 'Enterprise Architecture & Business Competitiveness' (Oct-Dec, 2004).

Performance Engineering and Enhancement


Should Performance be an Integral Part of the SDLC?

Findings reveal that poorly performing IT applications are bleeding corporations to the tune of US $60 billion per year. Diagnosing and fixing these applications is both a science and an art that can reap rich dividends for organizations. Infosys experts tell you how in this article.

This article appeared in the SETLabs Briefings on 'Enterprise IT Perspectives' (Oct - Dec, 2006).

Enterprise Application Performance Management: An End-to-End Perspective

Performance management of enterprise applications is the key to maximizing returns on IT investment. With rapidly evolving technology, continued improvements in performance management and establishing baseline metrics is important to the sustenance of key infrastructure elements.

This article appeared in the SETLabs Briefings on 'Enterprise IT Perspectives' (Oct - Dec, 2006).


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