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Artificial Intelligence for utilities

Engineers and system operators find themselves in a world best described as "sensory overload". This world is characterized by massive quantities of data from multiple, unstructured sources. To operate efficiently and effectively, the data must be quickly analysed and properly interpreted so that the right action can be taken at the right time.

Because large-scale investments in systems control and data analytics have largely been made, the utilities industry is well positioned to become rapid adopters and benefactors of AI technology. Properly integrated, AI adoption can help significantly reduce or even eliminate the following challenges:

  • Aggregation and NLG interpretation of massive, unstructured data
  • Diagnosis of power generation and supply status, including prioritization of actions needed
  • Generation of related work orders and routine reports
  • Time spent by operators sorting out the critical issues from the routine or insignificant

Our Offering

As a leading AI technology developer and implementer, Infosys partners with our clients to assess, design and integrate cognitive technologies for control room, field and analytics operations. Our focus is on improving power supply and generation reliability through real-time data analysis and interpretation, prioritization and management of network issues, and elimination of many routine, labor intensive tasks. Our offering covers:

  • AI readiness assessment and integration roadmap
  • AI business case and organizational impact
  • AI design, optimization and implementation
  • AI training and business readiness

Offering Owner

Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson, Partner – Resources and Utilities

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