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Demand Response (DR) Solutions for Utilities

There needs to be a real-time balance between supply and demand as electricity cannot be stored easily. Utilities have traditionally developed power generation capacity to meet peak demands. However, this is not an operationally efficient model. To address this issue, DR seeks to incentivize customers to reduce consumption during peak demand periods rather than the utilities adding additional power generation capacity. Moreover, with DR, when consumers reduce consumption, they receive a payback.

DR is a rapidly expanding asset within the Smart Grid ecosystem. It enables customers to make choices regarding their energy consumption, helping utilities to balance peak load management. However, linking customer choice with utilities operations requires a capable platform, one that is fully integrated with customer and operational systems.

Our Offering

Bringing deep domain and technology expertise, Infosys teams with utilities companies to evaluate, select, and implement the most advantageous DR system.

  • DR system selection and implementation includes the following:
    • Assessment of current operational infrastructure and IT systems
    • Evaluation and selection of optimal DR system
    • DR system implementation with CIS and DMS integration
    • Customer outreach for adoption

Offering Owner

Ron Thompson Ron Thompson, Partner,

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