Case Studies

Mobile-based baggage tracking system for a large US-based airline

One of the largest airlines in the United States managed the entire process of bag-loading and flight-balancing operations manually using trip sheets resulting in unavailability of flight-loading details for validation. The client sought an application that would help eliminate need for manual data-entry for baggage movement. Infosys introduced Windows Mobile-based device application that automated the entire process of baggage-loading.


Improved financial and daily business reporting for a US airline

A leading airline in the United States sought a financial transformation program. Infosys successfully implemented Oracle e-Business Suite for account-to-report and daily business intelligence, along with Oracle Discoverer.


Real-time resource management tool for airline’s ramp operations

The ramp operations group of a US-based airline sought a web-based work assignment tool to implement a consistent process of generating assignments for plane-side and bag transfer operations. Infosys developed an application that gathers real-time flight information and resource information from other applications.


Strategic sourcing initiative for a US airline

A US airline sought a strategic partner to implement an IT sourcing initiative. Infosys successfully managed the transition, spread over multiple locations, on time and within budget.


Mobile passenger assistance system for a US airline

A US airline sought a mobile help desk solution for passenger assistance at airports. Infosys developed a handheld PDA application to serve passengers better and enhance customer satisfaction.


Aircraft maintenance planning for a US airline

A US airline sought to improve aircraft maintenance productivity by efficiently disseminating work to enhance the available resources. Infosys implemented an aircraft maintenance planning system that assigned and controlled work efficiently and cost-effectively.


Leveraging the mobile channel for re-engineering the airport automation application at a US airline

A US airline wanted to reduce delayed delivery of booked cargo to the aircraft. Infosys partnered with the airline to re-engineer the existing load planning device application to a .NET enterprise mobile application. The application expedited cargo loading, reduced load closeout delays and saved fuel costs.

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