Infosys specializes in offering best in class Engineering and Technology consulting on Cloud based IoT platforms across industries including connected and autonomous vehicles, home automation, fleet management, smart farming etc.

Our service offerings include:

  • Telematics platform development on AWS, GCP, Azure, Thingworx. Service delivery and orchestration, cloud security etc.
  • Embedded systems design and development, HMI, Telematics Control Unit and Connectivity Modules
  • High performance analytics & Reporting, customer 360 analytics, warranty analytics and data governance.
  • Android based navigation system development & code porting, Enterprise Mobility strategy & roadmap design and architecture.
  • Operational Support – Customer Service, Billing, Tech, Warranty, Emergency support services
  • Application Innovation: Location based services, personalization engine and commerce platform solutions

Listed below are few of our service delivery examples:

  • End to end Engineering and consulting for developing bespoke Telematics platforms on the Cloud
  • Support and maintenance of in-market vehicles for Telematics services
  • Infotainment platform specification and development
  • Development and maintenance of after-market diagnostic and digital service records platform on the Cloud
  • Integration of field components such as soil sensors with backend platform to gather field data and generate analytics, and integrating with 3rd party platforms like weather data providers, agronomists etc.
  • Custom IoT Cloud platform development for consumer appliances like vending machines, lifts, coffee machines etc.
  • A Telematics solution to enable remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities including vehicle access control, system maintenance, condition sensing and location tracking.Research and development partner for OEMs in building Autonomous vehicles

IoT coupled with the power of Cloud, delivers superior customer experience, cost efficiencies at scale with enhanced safety


Our Solutions with Real World Applications:

  • Significantly enhance customer experience through connected products
  • Enhanced safety and security through medical devices and wearables
  • Improve fuel efficiency and reduce overall cost of ownership through predictive maintenance
  • Improve yield, optimize resources and reduce diseases in Crops through Smart farming and precision agriculture
  • Enable track and trace of food products from farm to fork

Innovation Hubs:

We have established an innovation lab for Autonomous vehicles with capabilities to develop and validate Advanced Driver Assistance system and other autonomous features. We have established Center of Excellence for Electric Vehicles, Railroad engineering, Fleet Management and Consumer Products development.

Frameworks and Accelerators:

  • Infosys Advanced Driver Assistance platform (comprehensive platform that provides several ADAS features which can be integrated into any vehicle)
  • Device Simulator on the Cloud (simulator for any vehicle engine control unit for testing and validation)
  • Reference architecture for Telematics platforms

Challenges & Solutions

With billions of devices connected and tera bytes of data being transmitted through worldwide networks and being processed on the Cloud, there is a tremendous risk of data theft and misuse.

At Infosys, we recommend an integrated Cyber Security approach and build systems that are designed with security in mind from the conceptual stages as opposed to an afterthought. All aspects of data, data-at-rest, data-in-motion and data-in-use should be considered in every stage of product development with appropriate use of relevant tools for encryption, access management and protection.

Infosys is working on a platform that will integrate Charging system operators, Grid services and Fleet Management operators. This will enable end customers (drivers/fleet operators) to charge their vehicles on-demand, allow charging operators to balance load dynamically between renewable and fossil fuel based sources and greater visibility into their fleet operations

Our Software first reference architecture for Autonomous and connected vehicles, considers all aspects of an electric, connected and autonomous vehicle. It provides a robust, scalable and modular architecture which can allow independent development and validation of in-vehicle software components, cloud components, embedded system components and ADAS components.