The financial services industry is witnessing increased momentum for Cloud adoption as enterprises strive to make their business operations more resilient, scalable to meet rising demand, and compete better by accelerating their time to market.

The purpose- built Infosys Cloud for Financial Services helps banking and financial service enterprises to unleash the power of Cloud with a dedicated set of industry specific Cloud capabilities, tools, accelerators, services and more.

Made available as an ‘’out of a box’’, enterprise grade secure Cloud features, users of Infosys Cloud for Financial Services can set a standardized Cloud foundation, accelerate Cloud adoption and enable overall Cloud Transformation initiatives

Purpose built wrapper with out of the box components to rapidly build out, accelerate migration, extend capabilities, and focus on innovation


Infosys Cloud for Financial Services can run on public Cloud and offers:

  • Security and Regulatory Compliance designed and built into the platform.
  • Acceleration of Cloud Migration with tools, automation templates, and prebuilt services.
  • Financial Services specific capabilities, assets, solutions and microservices, frameworks, blueprints, patterns, and an open architecture.
  • Ability to rapidly build Cloud native business platforms with composable components and services.
  • Low-code apps for use by business and citizen developers.
  • AI/ML models to bring intelligence to specific use cases.
  • Strong partner ecosystem offered on the Cloud platform.
  • A single pane for enterprise governance and management, with Cloud neutral integration components available for integrating with the rest of the enterprise.
  • Pluggable and composable technical components that allow for developer productivity, DevSecOps, application and data migration to Cloud.

In addition, business components extended through solutions from Infosys and its partners in solving problems across AML, transaction reconciliation, open banking, consumer lending, mortgages etc. are available through the Infosys Cloud.


Challenges & Solutions

The out of the box features provides for automated landing zone creation with standardized set of templates for a typical Financial Services enterprise. This accumulated knowledge helps to reduce the time to market by more than 50%.

The Open Architecture allows for seamless integration with Enterprise and 3rd party applications. The Point solutions with ISV provide for standardized and rapid implementations. The blueprints and the patterns allow for easy customization and addition of new features.

A platform approach for developer and environment automation makes it seamless for provisioning and DevsecOps. The platforms are independently pluggable across Cloud Native Development, Cloud Migration and DevSecOps.