Lansforsakringar partners with Infosys for seamless INSIS upgradation and Digital Transformation

Join Lars Krog, IT solution manager, Lansforsakringar, one of Scandinavia's largest insurance companies, as he shares the insurer's remarkable transformational journey, key success factors, and Infosys' role in achieving critical legacy modernization and INSIS upgrade.

Lars reveals how Infosys has helped the company transform its operations, enabling it to meet changing market demands seamlessly and fostering a partnership based on trust and commitment, leading to innovation and efficiency.

Lansforsakringar employs over 100 people and six teams and is one of Scandinavia's largest non-life insurance companies. Dedicated to flexibility and reliability, they sought a modern solution to cater to diverse market demands and local company needs to meet diverse market demands.

Watch the video to learn how Lansforsakringar partnered with Infosys to enhance trust and partnership dynamics to streamline processes like INSIS upgradation. Infosys’ expertise ensures seamless operations and accelerates digital transformation.

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Lars Krog

IT solution manager, Lansforsakringar

Video Transcript

  • Lars Krog
    Lars Krog, IT solution manager

    Hi, I'm here to tell you about our success story with Infosys. My name is Lar Krog. I work for Lansforsakringar. One of Scandinavia’s largest insurance companies. In Lansforsakringar, I work as IT solution manager for Ettsak, which is one of Scandinavia's biggest and largest non-life insurance systems, employing over 100 people and six teams. LF is special in its way. It’s been known because we have been owned by 23 regional companies and 14 local insurance companies. Accident sickness and health care insurance policies constitute about 20% of the premium and 25 million policies and even though non-life policies from insurance companies comprise only 4% of the market share. In 2021 alone non-life insurance companies paid around SEK 667 billion for claims incurred with 30% of the compensation paid mean for claims linked to motor third party liability and vehicle insurance, followed by accident sickness and healthcare insurance 17% and home insurance 14%.

    Lars Krog: Our specially organization structure makes it necessary for us to be both flexible faster reliable in order to satisfy marketing product business demands for 23 different products and 14 local companies. For this, we used to have a system, an old system built on legacy technology. It couldn't be adapted to today’s need for modern interfaces or meeting our customers on the Internet. So, a new system was required to go fully digital. Infosys has made it easy to build relation based on trust and partnership.

    That's one of the first things that happened and thanks to that partnership and secure my knowledge that our Infosys employees will do their best and utmost to solve any issues without interference, except for need of monetization and business knowledge with time. This excellent partnership has actually added the added benefit that our business users have noticed Infosys commitments and has built a direct and strong working relationship.

    So, a lot of the day-to-day problems and issues are now, have, can now happen cross functionally without barriers between business and IT, and that’s a strength, real strength. Infosys has also brought with them a strong process thinking that makes implementation of processes like ITIL easy, and we can place much trust directly on Infosys employees in running those processes and here comes one of the best parts, with Infosys we have a competency matrix. The matrix makes sure that we always have the needed system skills available, both in quality and quantity.

    Infosys also includes a number of employees that are trained on INSIS products and are prepared to scale up and down as required when needed. This is for me, an indispensable service.

    When running this large, modern, and rather complicated insurance system. And building on this partnership, Infosys took full delivery responsibility for our recent INSIS upgrade program. A very complex project stretching over a 30 plus version upgrade. The upgrade, of course, had an impact over business, as well as technology, and making it quite a new unique challenge for us. But together we have managed to build a very successful delivering on this and the day-to-day commitment again of Infosys employees was crucial in overcoming obstacles and delivering infrastructure services, application development, test, INSIS vendor management, and of course project management. Together, we have achieved a solution that reliably delivers our business functionality to our users and directly to our customers. Our digital transformation is now strong and accelerating. New products and offers can be set up and quickly delivered out on the internet and to our customers. We have a system that supports an effective workflow. Downtime is now virtually nonexistent.