The group benefits space is characterized by a diverse ecosystem of players in which carriers collaborate with a wide range of service providers. This market is rapidly expanding and there is a need to transform platforms to support product development and speed to market. The benefits system includes features to manage enrollment, eligibility, self-service, billing, claims across multiple products like group life, dental, disability, critical illness and more.

By embracing rapid technological transformation, Infosys helps carriers in staying one step ahead of digital disruption. We work with some of the top carriers to help them manage enrollment, improve the experience of plan sponsors and participants, and deliver better outcomes by leveraging digital solutions. With industry-relevant expertise and a proven track record, our solutions enable insurers to adopt digital tools to gain a better understanding of customer requirements, improve industry processes and provide a seamless customer experience.

Trusted Partner for Group and Voluntary Benefits Services


Core Innovation Services

  • Platform and Operations Transformation
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Re-imagined Plan Sponsor Journey

Digital Transformation Levers

  • Living Labs
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning
  • Risk & Regulatory Transformation
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Digital Studios

Enterprise Transformation Capabilities

  • Augmenting User Experiences
  • Delivering Operational Insights & Analytics
  • Increasing Operational Efficiency
  • Improving System Performance
  • Transformation Evangelism


  • Open APIs for Insurance
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Insurance CoE and Product Labs
  • Plan Sponsor and Participant Experience

Success Stories

  • For the leading global provider of Insurance annuities and employee benefit programs, Infosys accelerated their digital transformation journey and reduced time to launch new products by leveraging legacy modernization and Cloud acceleration.
  • For a Fortune 500 US insurance company, Infosys enhanced the employee experience by developing and maintaining digital employer and employee claims portals.
  • For a large US supplier of supplemental insurance, Infosys enhanced the Broker Agent experience by developing Broker Agent System using CRM MS Dynamics and implementing case setup automation using Pega.
  • For a global financial investment management and insurance company headquartered in US, Infosys improved operational efficiency and reduced time-to-market by providing end-to-end support for billing and collections, post-issue, call center and claims.

Challenges & Solutions

Boost customer experience to build trust by leveraging digital capabilities such as role-based corporate website, education and planning tools, online product selection tools, online claims submission, billing statements download and payments, and self-service. Infosys provides cognitive chatbots as well as differentiated communications solutions for agent/underwriting collaboration and virtual assistants to participants regarding benefits.

Infosys helps carriers via use of data warehousing and business intelligence to develop compelling products, develop AI/ML driven ‘nudges’, perform productivity and profitability analysis, improve market operations efficiency and customer retention, reduce sponsor claims cost, provide optimize shopping experience to end customers, and create analytics-based reporting and dashboards.

Infosys enhances business value by reimagining business processes, improved underwriting workflow standardizing data systems, using analytics to cross-sell voluntary benefits, and evaluating experience for current groups. For brokers, plan sponsors, and participants, Infosys employs user journey maps from case preparation through enrollment and claim. Optimize cost by automating processes like underwriting, claims adjudication, online enrollment, and identify early claims fraud using business rules