Effectively managing complex and diverse IT landscapes is difficult and expensive today. It takes time, expertise, and money to navigate through the stages of application life cycle while developing solutions that reduce support expenses to lower total cost of ownership over time. To stay relevant to changing business needs in the post-COVID digital age, insurance carriers need to attain a competitive edge and win the faith of their customers.

Insurers require effective management of complex application environments to ensure smooth, secure, and reliable operations. This can be a significant challenge that requires specialized expertise and experience. Our global presence and extensive experience enable us to provide efficient and cost-effective management of application landscapes. Additionally, our expertise and proven track record in disruptive technologies empower organizations achieve their innovation potential and stay competitive in the rapidly changing digital landscape. We work with some of the top Insurers in the world to maintain and update their existing applications including troubleshooting and resolving technical issues and providing ongoing support and maintenance. We also offer consulting services to help carriers optimize their applications and improve their overall performance.

Reimagine an Agile, Efficient, and Scalable Application Services Landscape by Leveraging Digital Solutions


Insurers operate in an increasingly complex world disrupted by new digital technologies that throw up opportunities and threats from unexpected places. The challenge is to be able to sense and respond quickly, frequently and almost instinctively after analyzing them like living creatures do. This is the vision driving the Live Enterprise – the organization that is always ready for what's next. There is a need to reimagine Application Management Services (AMS) strategy to create an enterprise IT and application landscape that supports the realization of this Live Enterprise vision.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform (LEAP) for insurance provides a platform-centric approach for AMS services that makes application management agile, intelligent, integrated, resilient, and business-aligned, thereby enabling insurers to realize the live enterprise vision.

Success Stories

  • For a global reinsurer, Infosys standardized service across their global IT landscape, which included 150,000 service desk calls, 290,000 incidents, and 380,000 service requests annually, by smoothly migrating ITSM to the ServiceNow platform.
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  • For a Fortune 500 US life insurance company, Infosys enabled 89% improvement in the time spent to capture information for client servicing and portfolio reviews resulting in higher client satisfaction by creating and deploying a successful customer-centric business transformation program.
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  • For a large US health insurance entity responsible for 38 independent Blue Plans located across the 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, Infosys automated a large portion of their tickets, significantly improved MTTR, and improved end user experience by developing an end-to-end automation led by Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform (LEAP).
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Challenges & Solutions

Infosys LEAP (Live Enterprise Application Management Platform) provides a platform centric approach for AMS services that makes application management agile, intelligent, integrated and business aligned. It enables enterprises deliver business outcomes. Infosys AI Operations solution built on LEAP (and powered by Dynatrace / AppDynamics) helps clients transform application management from a “fail fix” model to next gen “predict prevent” model driven by full stack observability (predictive analytics and cognitive automation).

Infosys helps insurance companies implement and maintain IT systems while helping them balance their IT budget with the need to stay competitive in the market by modernizing the core IT systems through automating complex decision-making processes, implementing DevOps and agile practices, etc.

Infosys helps insurance companies scale their IT systems to accommodate increased demand or new services through agility resulting in minimized handoffs, maximized accountability, and faster launch of new products.

Businesses with multiple touchpoints have an immediate requirement for collaboration and connectivity between the applications, data, and processes. Infosys helps carriers through the complex and time-consuming process of integrating new applications with existing systems that use different technologies or data formats. Infosys’s API Economy and Microservices, part of Infosys Cobalt, focuses on business transformation through ecosystem connectivity, unlocking the value of data, and simplification and agility in digital initiatives during these times.

Infosys helps insurance companies secure the sensitive data on their IT systems from cyber threats through constant monitoring and updating security systems by implementing security incident management, security awareness training, risk, and compliance.

Functioning amidst strict regulations and complying with industry standards can be a challenge for insurance companies, especially when implementing new applications. Infosys assures digital trust with our secure by design, integrated approach.