New business and underwriting functions are of paramount importance in the insurance value chain with insurers striving to achieve excellence by embracing the latest cutting-edge technologies. Traditional paper-based processes have largely been replaced by workflow engines and automation. A transformation mindset with the adoption of document management tools, intelligent information capture, as well as workflow automation, is highly desirable to help new business and underwriting specialists achieve efficiencies in the process and scale agility and customer satisfaction.

New Business Offerings from Infosys


Macro and Micro Environment

Internal & External Stakeholders

Critical Enablers



  • New business model transformation
  • Strategic underwriting - vision and roadmap
  • Addressing organization challenges in new business & underwriting
  • Vendor alliance management


  • Business and underwriting process innovation and redesign
  • Improving underwriting effectiveness using cognitive capabilities
  • Augment risk selection process and underwriting effectiveness


  • Increase agility of technology office for effective new business acquisition
  • Ready to deploy industry leading technology, tools and frameworks
  • Design thinking approach towards technology adoption

Success Pillars

The New Business and Underwriting offering from Infosys are designed to address critical challenges and key requirements. We help insurance organizations redesign and transform their business acquisition and risk assessment functions thereby enabling value driven decisions.

Leveraging our digitally infused solutions and services, insurance carriers can better handle their new business and underwriting function to better engage customers, ensure higher compliance, achieve process efficiencies, and provide better business outcomes using data driven decision making.

Underwriting as a business function has historically been underserved. In addition, many insurers still bear the burden of legacy, excessive paperwork with repetitive tasks. Infosys’ capabilities and solutions are crafted to help underwriters focus on the right areas, keeping the strategic vision of the underwriting organization in view. Our solutions are tailored to client needs and optimize their technology to enable the right technology in the right place at the right time.


Challenges & Solutions

Smart prospecting is our social network-driven referral solution for prospect identification by engaging and rewarding insurers’ customers to promote offers and recommendations within their social network. This solution will lead to enhanced customer loyalty, increased acceptance of social media as a distribution channel, improved lead conversion, and operational and cost efficiency. Personalized video provides dynamic content to handheld devices for insurance prospects and customers helping in better engagement, smooth onboarding, and more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

InsureAssist is a tablet-based tool designed for insurance sales force (planners, sales agents, brokers) to assist prospective customers in selecting the right insurance policy by helping them in determining their insurance needs, recommending products, showing illustrations, obtaining quotes, and binding policies. Targeted campaign is aimed at discovering the relationship between life events and consumer needs for pinpointing marketing windows and approaches. Patterns arising out of life events may be used to rethink customer/prospect segments and personalize products.

Infosys’ smart underwriting solution provides underwriter to extract valuable information from the public domain (unstructured data) along with internal data to get intelligent information about customers and assets for better risk assessment. This facilitates enhanced user experience, improved effectiveness in underwriting process, faster turnaround time, and reduced cost, hence leading to an improvement in productivity. Risk survey and recommendation is an offering that is bundled with collaboration and workflow-based apps to help adjusters carry out work efficiently, leading to efficiencies in risk assessment surveys, real-time assessment, and improved recommendations.

Infosys’ AI-powered underwriting solution enables life insurance underwriting to be less invasive by predicting risk classification of incoming applications using predictive analytical models. The predictive analytical model can help achieve zero-touch underwriting for higher proportion of relatively fewer complex applicants. Insights from the model can be used for triaging of incoming applications, and flagging high-risk applications and routing appropriately.