The market is zooming to the future at 'warp speed,' but your policy administration system (PAS) is stuck in the past. You need to launch products faster while being customer-centric and regulatory compliant.

But with legacy systems, product development cycles are long; maintenance costs, high, and processes, inflexible. You need to transform your PAS – a complex task that requires you to build a compelling business case.

Future-proof your legacy systems


PAS Transformation Offerings from Infosys

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting
  • Strategic and business case scenario planning
  • PAS product/ vendor evaluation
  • Insurance modernization framework
  • Build vs. buy and conversion strategy

Solutions and services

Solutions and services
  • Rapid product introduction
  • Business-rules driven integrated workflow offerings
  • Product configurations

PAS consolidation

PAS consolidation
  • Infosys McCamish platform- Business Process Solutions
  • Conversion suites
  • Service-oriented architecture and middleware enablement

Products, platforms, and packages

Products, platforms, and packages
  • Infosys McCamish policy administration platform
  • Leading insurance products and packages
  • Product competency center framework

Data management and analytics

Data management and analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Predictive analytic offerings
  • Master data management
  • Managing claim leakages

A well-defined PAS transformation is a complicated journey. It may secure agility for your company, but you need to overcome multiple challenges along the way. From building a robust business case (based on the assessment of current capabilities) to drawing up a focused implementation roadmap (that aligns with your objectives) and ensuring a clear execution framework.

We not only ensure a smooth transformation journey but also help you address issues around redundant platforms, simplify existing processes, and reduce cost pressures.


Challenges & Solutions

Next-Gen Solutions
We have defined target capability models and technology architecture to serve as baselines, while creating solutions to meet current and future strategic goals

Rapid Product Launch
Our consultative approach, along with our analytics expertise and research, will help you innovate product offerings, streamline your overall product introduction cycle, and reduce time-to-market for new products

Customizable Framework
Our customizable, well-defined and overarching governance framework helps you build new business processes and implement them using our technology accelerators and a robust program management system