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Infosys Scientific Research Workflow Manager

Scientific processes are complex, non-automated and disparate. Scientists in life sciences companies frequently face challenges such as lack of process harmonization, stakeholders working in silos, and redundancy of research. This situation compels them to focus their effort on organizing and recreating processes instead of interpreting research information.

Infosys Scientific Research Workflow Manager, a workflow-driven research informatics system, automates, integrates, rationalizes, and orchestrates scientific research processes within an organization. It enables you to:

  • Make scientific decisions based on the dashboard view of various research workflows of therapeutic programs
  • Streamline, configure, and enable protocol redefinition for research processes using our framework
  • Leverage existing application and information resources – such as electronic lab notebook (ELN) – and integrate these in the system
  • Define minute steps of complex tasks and identify reproducibility of the entire task or workflow
  • Orchestrate collaborative research across internal and external stakeholders
  • Enable real-time data capture and data analysis by making the application available on mobile devices
  • Provide access to multiple stakeholders by hosting the application in a secure cloud environment

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