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Digital Content Distribution Services for Journals

Traditional print journals need systems and solutions for demand planning, printing, warehousing, distribution and fulfillment. Digital journals require tools and platforms to offer users content in multiple formats.

Publishers need to develop granular content using semantics, text mining and analytics to establish linkages for faster content discovery.

The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice can help you create a cloud-based platform to address your needs. Our platforms allow for safe storage of voluminous content with metadata repositories for cross storage, search and discovery, and content delivery to multiple systems in a ‘publish and subscribe’ model or via content syndication.

Infosys has rich experience in big data and natural language processing to enrich content and make it conducive for search and discovery. We combine proprietary platforms and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to perform Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete (CRUD) operations and deliver content via smart devices. Our database migration services span SGML, PDF and XML formats. We make content available across multiple devices and platforms using mobile technologies and social platforms.

Infosys Digital Content Distribution Services for Journals

The Infosys advantage

  • Developed scalable platforms across the content value chain
  • Rich experience in digital, social and cloud technologies
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