Industry Offerings

Realizing business value across the Publishing industry

Your publishing ecosystem needs to bring together content repositories, the editorial team, and advertising, for seamless consumption across digital devices and channels. An agile supply chain and flexible business models can help increase revenue from subscriptions and advertising in a converged publishing landscape.

The Infosys Publishing practice helps enterprises keep pace with demographics and content consumption patterns. We enable publishers to grow monetization models and distribution channels, while improving operational efficiency, and minimizing costs. We enhance content management systems with mobility, social platforms, semantic search, and syndication. Our solutions tap new markets and deliver an immersive experience for your audience.

We collaborate with newspapers, online information providers, legal and tax consultants, and analytics solutions providers to boost productivity through web-based content management. We offer application development and maintenance solutions as well as reengineering services to modernize legacy systems and processes. Our robust content migration framework accelerates the transition to an advanced publishing environment.


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