White Papers

Serving the Perfect Information Cocktail

With the digital juggernaut rolling on, traditional print magazine and book publishers have added a significant digital component to their...


Talent management – a key business driver

Every CEO’s key business priorities, today, include retaining talent within the organization and attracting the best talent from outside. Oracle Talent Cloud is an all-inclusive unified...


Professional industry challenges and Infosys-Oracle solutions

The success of a professional services organization is largely determined by its workforce and how well it is managed. Infosys has vast experience in implementing talent management solutions for...


Publishing Industry solution

Large volumes of content, multiple delivery channels, and shrinking profitable audience are only a few of the challenges the publishing industry is facing today. Infosys Oracle Publishing Lab brings...


Social Transformation of Print Publishers

Publishers are responding and adapting to the exploding world of social media in innovative ways. This white paper examines the social media activities that publishers engage in, the evolution of content...


IT cost reduction – "Doing more with less"

A downturn compels companies to examine their cost structures and cut costs. Since IT costs account for a higher percentage of the revenue, CIOs have to do more with less within shorter timeframes. Our experts...


Best Practices Continuum Map for Newspaper Publishers

Multiple news distribution channels and interactive advertising are challenging the newspaper business. However, legacy systems and disparate technologies are preventing newspapers from being...


Digital Asset Management (DAM) Strategy

A rapidly evolving media landscape necessitates an end-to-end digital asset management strategy. To seize the competitive advantage in the emerging on-demand media world, companies must focus on digitizing their content,...


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