Three Year Overview (IFRS) - Balance Sheet Ratios

Three Year Overview IFRS (Consolidated INR Basis)

Balance Sheet Ratios

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ParticularsFY 19FY 18FY 17
Debt-equity ratio---
Current ratio (1)
Day's sales outstanding (Days)666768
Liquid assets/ total assets (%) (2)(3)36.239.846.5
Liquid assets/ revenue (%) (2)(3)

(1)Represents number of times

(2)Liquid assets include cash and cash equivalents and investments other than investments in unquoted equity and preference securities, convertible promissory notes and others

(3)In line with the Capital Allocation Policy announced in April 2018, shareholders approved a buyback of equity shares from the open market route through Indian stock exchanges of up to ₹8,260 crore (maximum buyback size) at a price not exceeding ₹800 per share (maximum buyback price). The buyback shall close within six months from the date of opening of the buyback, i.e March 20, 2019, or such other period as may be permitted under the Act or Buyback Regulations. Accordingly, during the year ended March 31, 2019, 1,26,52,000 equity shares were purchased from the Indian stock exchanges. Subsequent to the year end, the Company has purchased 81,31,000 shares till the date of the Board’s report. During the previous year, 11,30,43,478 (not adjusted for the September 2018 bonus issue) equity shares were bought back by the Company for a total amount of ₹13,000 crore.