Infosys and BUPA in conversation at DOES Summit 2022 - Europe, Virtual

Infosys recently participated in world’s biggest DevOps forum – DevOps Enterprise Summit – Europe, Virtual. Phil Gadzinski, Group Global Head of Enablement, BUPA & Adarsh Mehrotra, Industry Principal, Infosys Quality Consulting (EQS) co-presented at the summit on ‘No Flow No DevOps’.

Gene Kim, Program Chairman for IT revolution was the organizer of the summit and chaired the event. He is the celebrated DevOps guru & the best-selling author of books like - The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook, The Accelerate, The Visible Ops Handbook series and more.

The talk unveiled:

The 30 min session covered BUPA’s Digital transformation journey adopting ‘Flow as a Principal’ to achieve DevOps – at team and organizational level & how Infosys has partnered with BUPA to adopt it. The session was well received by the live attendees across the globe.

Check out the complete session below:

Session highlights:

  • The Digital transformation journey of BUPA and using ‘flow’ as a foundation to achieve the committed objectives.
  • Investment in building digital capability and people - The why and how.
  • Adopting ‘Flow as a Principal’ to achieve DevOps – at team and organizational level.
  • Flow creation and visibility using the Remote Agility Framework.
  • Flow in large globally distributed federated enterprise - what have we learned and what are we doing differently?
  • The three principles of DevOps covering flow/systems thinking, amplifying feedback loops & experimenting and learning culture.

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