A multi-national leader in networking, cloud, and security solutions wanted high availability and zero downtime for business critical B2C applications that were impacting the customer experience.

There was an urgent need to remove roadblocks that were impairing progress and slowing time-to-market. InfraOps and DevSecOps automation at scale was essential to remove the roadblocks, ensure high availability, and provide a better customer experience.

Key Challenges

  • Legacy deployment practices were causing downtime for the business, affecting credibility
  • Siloed approach for application build, testing, and deployment had broken pipelines which led to slower time-to-market
  • Lack of standard quality and security controls had exposed the organization to security vulnerabilities
  • Provisioning and scaling of servers was manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors

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The Solution

Automation of DevSecOps and InfraOps Ensures Zero Downtime and Faster Delivery for Global Networking Giant

Infosys implemented a two-step strategy for automating mission-critical business applications to achieve the desired result:

1 . Set up a highly available elastic hybrid cloud infrastructure. InfraOps principles were used to manage, streamline, and automate activities

2. Incorporated self-serve DevSecOps tools to achieve better time-to-market with improved quality and security for all applications

We successfully deployed a highly available and elastic cloud consisting of over 900 servers. This resulted in 80% less effort in environment provisioning and provided actionable alerts for business-critical applications.



From Waterfall to Agile

Faster time-to-market with approximately 400% increase in application deployment frequency

From manual to automated reporting

80% effort saved on environment provisioning

From Waterfall to Agile

Near zero MTTD with automated alerts

From manual to automated reporting

Zero downtime for all business-critical applications

DevSecOps Tools and Practices Help Deliver Faster

  • High availability elastic private cloud with resilient architecture for critical applications across two datacenters
  • Automated infrastructure scaling and application deployments
  • Fully automated creation, upgrade, provisioning, and management of environment
  • Custom alerts, plugins, and role-based monitoring