Achieving High Resiliency with Site Reliability Engineering

Alok Uniyal

Alok Uniyal, Vice President & Head – Process Consulting, Infosys

Alok leads the IT Process Consulting Practice at Infosys. He is also driving the Agile & DevOps Transformation at Infosys. As a seasoned IT Professional with rich experience in IT Consulting and transformation, Alok specializes in helping organizations embrace New Ways of Working, leveraging Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking - toward greater Business Agility and resilience - translating to faster and better business outcomes. Over his 25 years of career, Alok has consulted many large corporations, globally.

In this Q&A, Alok stresses the crucial role of site reliability engineering (SRE) in maintaining resilient supply chains amid disruptions. He underscores that change management, aligned KPIs, and robust incident response are essential for the successful implementation of SRE, ensuring digital system stability and preventing faults.

In essence, SRE is a set of practices that focus on optimizing the reliability of services and systems by applying software engineering principles to infrastructure and operations problems.

Alok says, “Without such systems, businesses run the risk of losing out on potential revenue and customers due to downtime or slow response times. SRE has emerged as an effective solution for building resilient systems by leveraging best practices from software development, operations, and system administration”.

Whether it is a logistics company running a delivery management platform, an e-commerce company using micro-fulfilment software, or an organization whose procurement team relies on a P2P solution, SRE helps provide a framework to provide digital-system stability, even under high levels of usage and peak demand.

“This typically involves monitoring system performance, proactively preventing faults, automating the toil, responding quickly to issues when they arise, and regularly assessing potential weaknesses in existing systems,” explains Uniyal.

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