The Benefits of Focusing on an ‘Agile’ Future for Organizations

By Pravin Kulkarni, Vice President, and Delivery Head – SAP Practice, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Infosys

Over the years, organizations have adopted agile solutions to decentralize their traditional structures and move towards dynamic solutions and hyper-personalization. The flexibility of Agile, combined with the streamlining of processes and elimination of the command-and-control system, enables these organizations to thrive and create increased business value.

Traditionally, in a project-based delivery model, businesses aim to deliver individual projects on time and on budget, independently. However, such an approach restricts quick pivots in product or strategy, if needed. Yet, most organizations struggle to move away from project-based approaches because of a legacy mindset and hardwired analog processes.

And that’s where product-centric delivery provides differentiation. The Agile approach emphasizes incremental delivery and team collaboration as well as continual planning and learning. Product-centric delivery aims to reinforce and refine those principles. Instead of approaching business as a series of projects, product-centric delivery aims to create value holistically and deliver business capability in a continuous mode. It continues to leverage an Agile mindset but is centered on product thinking. It focuses on customer value at every touchpoint on their journey.

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