Product-Centric Agile Delivery Drives Business Value Faster

By Deepak Gupta, Vice President & Delivery Head – Application Development and Maintenance for Retail, CPG and Logistics, Infosys

"Deliver business value faster" seems to be the mantra for most CXOs in their bid to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace. They are investing heavily to modernize their IT landscape to accelerate innovation, deliver high-quality customer experience and thus grow business faster. The implementation of Agile and DevOps practices is a crucial step toward realizing these goals.

Not all have succeeded, however. The Infosys Agile RADAR insights from its 2021 survey of 1000 respondents across business and technology practices in the US and Europe, revealed that only 53% of businesses achieved desired business outcomes from their Agile investments. While Agile practices have been around for years, companies still struggle to realize their true business value. Moving from a traditional, top-down approach for decision making to a more outcome-driven approach has proved to be challenging for organizations in the best of times. The COVID-19 pandemic has added a new set of complications to the mix.

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