Product Centric Value Delivery is Key to Building a Transformed, Digital-ready Enterprise

Shalini A. Nair

By Shalini A. Nair, Vice President, Corporate Transformation Initiatives, Quality, Infosys

Shalini is driving the Being Agile transformation at Infosys. She leads transformation initiatives for new ways of working that include Agile, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and the shift to customer-centric, product- and platform-centric operating models. She has more than 25 years of experience in IT service delivery, enterprise program and risk management, and organizational change management.

The article highlights how large and mid-sized enterprises, across the board, are adopting a digital operating model oriented around products and platforms for accelerated go-to-market and extracting tangible business returns. In other words, organizations are arranging their technology investment to pivot around products (built for consumers) and platforms (for supporting end-user experiences).

Among these are traditional enterprises eager to take on the digital natives on their turf and unwilling to be slowed down by obsolete/legacy systems and practices. They are not letting fragmented value chains and disparate functions impede their transformation journey.

Enterprises must become future-ready by laying the foundation for an AI-infused digital core and making effective use of the latest technologies to drive sustainable innovation and derive business value in no time.

The real game-changer is an operating model that focuses on product and platform thinking to bring in customer-centricity, agility, and evolvability.

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