5 Key Trends for 2023 and Beyond in Agile, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineering

Alok Uniyal

By Alok Uniyal, VP & Head – Process Consulting, Infosys
Alok leads the IT Process Consulting Practice at Infosys. He is also driving the Agile & DevOps Transformation at Infosys. As a seasoned IT Professional with rich experience in IT Consulting & Transformation, Alok specializes in helping organizations embrace New Ways of Working, leveraging Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking - towards greater Business Agility & Resilience - translating to faster and better business outcomes. Over his 25 years of career, Alok has consulted many large corporations, globally.

The embrace of digital technologies and simplification and modernization of the existing technology landscape will continue to be a dominant theme in 2023. Talks of the impending economic downturn may dampen the aggressive plans that enterprises had drawn, making them more cautious in their tech spending. CIOs will look at creating business value securely and reliably and at optimal costs.

The five key trends to watch out for –

  1. Product & Platform thinking
  2. Observability in customer journeys
  3. A data-driven approach to software engineering
  4. DevSecOps at scale
  5. Chaos Engineering will emerge as a mainstream practice

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