Maximizing business potential with unified Integrated teams and robust engineering under product-centric value delivery

Shalini A. Nair

By Shalini A. Nair, Vice President, Corporate Transformation Initiatives, Quality, Infosys

Shalini is driving the Being Agile transformation at Infosys. She leads transformation initiatives for new ways of working that include Agile, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and the shift to customer-centric, product- and platform-centric operating models. She has more than 25 years of experience in IT service delivery, enterprise program and risk management, and organizational change management.

The article highlights how in today's evolving business landscape, product-centric value delivery is a transformative blueprint that reshapes business operations and value delivery. It integrates product thinking into the creation of services, products, and experiences, focusing on continuous improvement to meet customer needs and market demands. The article further emphasizes that this strategy differs from traditional project-based models, stressing on continuous product development and enhancement to boost value.

A critical aspect of this model is the formation of unified integrated teams. These teams are not just responsible for the development phase but extend their accountability into the operational phase. In other words, they take end-to-end ownership through the product lifecycle. This involves cross-functional collaboration and extended accountability.

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