Leaders Speak: Rafee Tarafdar, Infosys Discusses the Need for Newer Operating Models for Evolving Customer Needs

Hear from Rafee Tarafdar, Chief Technology Officer, Infosys as he explains how, while distributed and intelligent era is the emerging technology, a newer operating model is only imperative to make the best out of this trend. He shares how organizations are re-aligning themselves to a customer-centric approach and thus pivoting to a product-centric operating model.

As the world moves, technology is taking new forms as well. Organizations are seeking technology support to ready themselves for a rapidly changing world. View here the complete video of Rafee, as he shares his perspective on the year 2022 and talks about how the world of technology understanding, and implementation is taking a turn. Hear from him on the role of technology for companies, economies, and humanity in the coming years.

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