Planning for Enterprise DevOps Success

Anupama Rathi

By Anupama Rathi – AVP, Head of DevOps COE, Infosys
Anupama has nearly 3 decades of IT experience and leads DevOps practice for Infosys. With her rich experience in DevOps she has helped many Infosys customers to scale their DevOps adoption to higher maturity.

DevOps has and continues to evolve, with organizations racing to implement new capabilities for competitive advantage and to respond to today's unique business challenges. Benefits, such as quality, reliability, time-to-market improvement, and cost savings have become mainstream in 2023, with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) establishing itself as the new way of working. In fact, it's no wonder that 45% of Agile leaders, in a 2022 Gartner study, said that they consistently use DevOps across their organization.

We’ve entered a new era of DevOps, with organizations moving towards mature adoption and investing to scale at the enterprise level. This shift has required organizations to first reflect on how DevOps was implemented in the past and assess for any necessary course correction. Leaders must make certain that CICD adoption has met the goals of the organization and derived all the benefits previously being pursued. From here, new KPIs and metrics need to be established to continuously measure DevOps success.

Organizations must implement a centrally defined DevOps strategy with policies and practices that all DevOps CICD pipelines must implement mandatorily. Minimizing the duplication of DevOps pipelines reduces the effort of maintenance, and any organization-level change required in DevOps strategy or tooling can be done centrally as a streamlined effort. Additionally, duplicate software and hardware investments are no longer needed, cutting costs and saving time.

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