Product-centric Delivery Helps Businesses Drive Faster Growth

Alok Uniyal

By Satish HC – Executive Vice President, Co-Head of Delivery, Infosys
Satish has been a pivotal part of the organization for three decades; during which he has played diverse and global leadership roles for Data & AI, Digital Business units; delivery for manufacturing, healthcare & life sciences, financial services; leading Internal Board of key Infosys acquisitions and several councils running day-to-day operations at Infosys. He has been part of the IT industry since its early days and is one of the pioneers who turned the vision of a global delivery model into a success story and staying relevant & adapting over decades. In his relentless pursuit of Infosys staying ahead of the curve, Satish has been instrumental in carving out a differentiated positioning for Infosys through service innovations and partnering with CXOs of Global 2000 Enterprises.

With growing digitization and rapid pace of change, customer-centricity, agility, and innovation remain key considerations for organizations. They are looking to launch apps or service models or product offerings faster than ever as delays could mean running the risk of an app/product/service that’s already irrelevant.

It is compelling traditional organizations to emulate the digital natives in their speed of innovation, immediate feedback and improvement loops, and customer-centricity. This requires them to change their approach to the delivery of software and digital experiences from time-based projects to developing a product that delivers an ongoing business or technical capability, where the product is defined by how it is consumed and the value it delivers.

Technology – the pivot for business strategy

AI, micro-services, and other technologies are increasingly becoming part of the CEO narrative. With strategy built around technology, business gets to evolve rapidly at a pace that requires a product-centric approach. A product is never finished but continuously evolving – with tech deeply embedded in business, more touchpoints and data get generated providing more opportunity to learn and adapt.

From Tesla’s “dynamic personalization” approach to Apple, GE, Sungevity, Peloton and several traditional businesses – all of them are showing how product-centric delivery appears to be the way forward in the digital future.

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