Drive Business Value Faster, with Infosys Product-Centric Value Delivery

To thrive in the digital world, enterprises must constantly evolve and adapt to market dynamics and changes. This means having the agility to spot and seize opportunities fast, introduce new products on demand, revamp business processes as needed, increase operational efficiency, and create new business models. This requires the complete enterprise ecosystem to be truly agile - across business and technology.

With the objective of infusing business agility and customer centricity, Infosys is partnering with enterprises in their digital journeys to help them realize business value faster. Driving product-centric value delivery as the key element of our Agile digital strategy, we are empowering enterprises across the globe to –

  • Scale Agile & DevSecOps with the persistent product, platform, and enabler teams
  • Accelerate value delivery with Infosys NextGen DevOps
  • Create a cloud-first, open source, no-code value stream with Infosys DevSecOps Platform
  • Leverage data-driven decision-making capabilities with Infosys Live Engineering and
  • Plug in the power of Observable, Reliable, and Scalable systems with Infosys Site Reliability Engineering

Watch this video to know how we are weaving all of this together.

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