Ramping-Up Enterprise Resiliency with Site Reliability Engineering

Alok Uniyal

Alok Uniyal, Vice President & Head – Process Consulting, Infosys

Alok leads the IT Process Consulting Practice at Infosys. He is also driving the Agile & DevOps Transformation at Infosys. As a seasoned IT Professional with rich experience in IT Consulting & Transformation, Alok specializes in helping organizations embrace New Ways of Working, leveraging Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking - towards greater Business Agility & Resilience - translating to faster and better business outcomes. Over his 25 years of career, Alok has consulted many large corporations, globally.

Enterprises are on the fast-track to digitalization and the cloud. Their larger objective is to stay relevant in the digital world by meeting changing customer needs promptly and keeping them engaged with superior experiences.

In this scenario, IT uptime means everything for CIOs – their new IT organization must stand up to the challenge with respect to stability, availability, reliability as well as resilience. Enterprise resiliency tops this list because without it, the business could face serious damage – from reputation and money to customers and revenues.

Ramping up enterprise resiliency with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a strategic approach with a focus on enhancing the reliability and robustness of complex systems within the enterprise. What sets it apart is in the way SRE brings together tried-and-tested software engineering practices and operations expertise to create a culture of reliability, scalability, and availability.

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