How Enterprises Can Deliver Business Value Faster with Infosys Product Centric Value Delivery

What does it take for enterprises to thrive in the digital world? We see so many clients aiming to transform their organization into a product centric organization, but there is a significant gap between reality and rhetoric.

The emergence of software-defined business models, spurred by the success of digital natives is compelling enterprises to accelerate digital journeys. However, they are realizing that customer centricity and evolvability are essential for sustaining innovation and value. This is triggering a shift to a Product centric operating model with a platform ecosystem. Infosys Product Centric Value Delivery helps clients adopt a product-led, platform thinking approach in their digital transformation, and realize business value faster.

Karmesh Vaswani in this video explains how enterprises can deliver business value faster with Infosys Product Centric Value Delivery.

About the speaker:

 Karmesh Vaswani Karmesh Vaswani
EVP & Head - Consumer, Retail and Logistics Industries. Chairman, Infosys Consulting

Karmesh Vaswani leads the Consumer Goods & Tech, Retail and Logistics (CRL) Global Business Unit of Infosys. Infosys is a global leader in business, digital, and technology services to Fortune 1000 enterprises. Infosys serves 1700+ Enterprise clients with a global team of 360,000+ business and technology professionals across 50 countries, with annual sales of USD 16 bln and a market capitalisation of USD 75 bln. (listed on NYSE)

Karmesh is a member of the Global Executive Leadership team and actively involved in shaping and executing the Infosys customer strategy with Fortune 2000 clients, Digital Natives and Upcoming Unicorns. A passionate advocate of Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity at the workplace, Karmesh leads the DE&I programme across Infosys global markets.