Thriving with Agile in the age of hybrid working

By Nabarun Roy, Senior Vice President, Group Head – Quality, Productivity & Delivery Risk Management, Infosys

Agile removes impediments to product delivery and enables teams who have the flair and passion for doing things quickly. But now that the Agile team spends much of its time at home, how can firms keep motivation, productivity, and collaboration up?

A hybrid work arrangement requires higher flexible processes, a product-based mindset, empathetic leadership and a bigger emphasis on trust and psychological safety. What’s called for is a complete organizational makeover, executed through micro-changes that ensure customers still get what they want from employees who are happy to give it to them.

Discover the seven specific agile levers that increase business growth potential by 63% when used together. Six out of seven of these levers have a strong people component and must be adapted to the hybrid world, to be used effectively.

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