Disrupting Traditional Operating Models with the shift from 'Project to Product'

A paradigm shift is underway. A shift from ‘project to product’ is disrupting traditional operating models across the globe. Digital innovation is pushing the boundary to newer business models and organizations with integrated Business and IT are winning the agile game.

As businesses have become increasingly software-defined, the ability to innovate and turn solutions around faster is becoming critical too. While most enterprises have embraced Agile and DevOps to varying degrees of success, more mature enterprises are transforming to evolve their ways of working and pivoting to a product-centric model. This shift is priming enterprises to compete with digital natives, leading them to transform the entire operating model in alignment with the value chain, organizing around customers, and having committed product owners across business and IT, adding to multiple such changes visible across organizations.

Did you know: 75% of the C-suites are already investing in Product Management as per Infosys Agile Radar Research Report

Check out this video to know how ‘product-centric value delivery’ has been a game changer!

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