Supply Chain Collaboration and Communication Solution – A COVID-19 Response Solution Built by Infosys, Powered by Pega

COVID-19 has thrown supply chains into disarray worldwide as businesses stretch to conserve cash reserves, secure critical part and material inventory from their Tier1 & Tier2 suppliers and push for tighter collaboration with suppliers. Existing gaps and inefficiencies in processes and systems across the Supply Chain have been brought into sharper focus and magnified. Businesses have retooled their manufacturing lines to produce alternative products (ventilators, shields, masks etc.), done BOM substitutions to account for critical part shortages. They have also been pressed to work with new or alternate suppliers. Business agility in onboarding new suppliers, managing tight collaboration and communication with existing suppliers has never been more critical.

As Supply Chain and Operations teams fall back on manual processes to deal with the surge in non-standard orders and supplier interactions, it can create a lot of process overhead to keep track of changes to delivery commitments, partial fulfillments and supplier communication. Onboarding new suppliers can take a long time as different departments involved (Finance, Legal, Supply Chain etc.) COVID-19 Supply Chain Impact stick to their standard SLAs due to a lack of process orchestration and case management tying all actors together. The result is a slow response to a rapidly changing business environment causing revenue loss, delayed deliveries and customer impacts.

Infosys and Pega bring you a joint on-cloud “Supply Chain Collaboration and Communication Solution” for quick adoption to solve your buyer-supplier collaboration challenges. Built by Infosys and powered by Pega’s industry leading Hyper automation platform, this solution gives you powerful case management features, SLA management, Email bots to consume inbound emails for automatic case updates, audit trails and complete visibility into communications and order status. Omnichannel support for buyers and suppliers, intuitive dashboards for order tracking, fulfillment and supplier performance. All communications between buyers and suppliers tracked in the solution along with audit trails for enhanced process visibility deliver an excellent user experience while driving higher process efficiency and tighter SLAs for fulfillment.

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