Electric utilities need to modernize the grid to rationalize cost of operations, upgrade aging infrastructure for supporting bi-directional power flow, ensure compliance with environmental norms, avoid disruptions due to wildfires and storms, address cybersecurity threats, and meet the needs of prosumers (producer-cum-consumer).

Infosys partners with utilities as a digital energy orchestrator to build ‘grids of the future’ . We have developed an ecosystem of partners comprising OEMs and startup companies and collaborate with hyper-scalers, academia, and industry leaders to develop integrated digital solutions and poly-cloud platforms to accelerate grid modernization programs. Our next-gen grid solutions span grid planning, modeling and operations, grid resilience, and advanced analytics. Our solutions facilitate integration of distributed energy resources (DER) such as rooftop solar panels, electric vehicles (EV) and storage devices. Notably, we co-create solutions for DER integration, EV onboarding, solar disaggregation, DER analytics, next-gen SCADA, distribution operations management, and energy-as-a-service.

Infosys is transforming utilities into digital utilities by leveraging artificial intelligence , Internet of Things, cognitive automation , and cloud. Our frameworks, tools and accelerators accelerate solution implementation and value realization. Infosys cybersecurity solutions safeguard integrated operational technology-information technology networks and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Infosys experts address vulnerabilities across the grid, which maximizes asset utilization and rationalizes capital investment. Our DER integration approach boosts grid reliability, while our AI tools increase the accuracy of load forecasting and improve grid planning. Significantly, a seamless utilities network enhances the customer experience and grows revenue.

Grid modelling and planning

Grid modelling and planning

  • DER demand forecasting and hosting capacity analysis
  • GIS based Utility network modelling and location net benefit analysis
  • DER interconnection processing
  • Dynamic operating envelope
  • Grid connectivity model
Grid operations

Grid operations

  • DER aggregation and integration
  • Distributed operations management
  • Next-gen SCADA and remote monitoring
  • Edge remediation
Grid resilience

Grid resilience

  • Vegetation management
  • Storm hardening
  • Cybersecurity
  • Microgrids and VPPs
  • Network reconfiguration
Grid analytics

Grid analytics

  • Planning and operational analytics
  • DER visualization and analytics
  • Outage analytics
  • Reliability analytics
  • Prosumer analytics

Challenges & Solutions

IoT-based grid components and cloud-based data architecture support seamless calibration, onboarding, and monitoring of microgrids and decentralized renewable assets.

Digitization and grid modernization through Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) and advanced grid analytics achieve business and sustainability goals.

Grid best practices such as microgrids, virtual power plants, vegetation management, and upgrade of communication infrastructure boost grid reliability.