Case Study

Openreach adopts microbots approach to enhance quality of service

Infosys microbots-based automation solution proactively identifies failures in provisioning. Infosys Cognitive Automation Studio (ICAS) extracts data across systems to undertake self-healing or notify faults to the Application Support Group (ASG) and Service Management Centre (SMC) for prompt remediation. Significantly, our solution offers advanced visibility into provisioning to help Openreach prioritize remedying failures via automation or human intervention.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of visibility into provisioning hampered the ability to identify faults early and address issues.
  • Provisioning failures resulted in penalties for non-compliance of service levels and order completion

Ready to experience?



30% reduction in system and process related On Time Provision failures and their associated penalties.


The Solution

Infosys Cognitive Automation Studio provides Openreach with simplified and scalable automation.

Accelerates automation

Supports faster cycles, reusability, and cross-technology scripts.

Powered by microbots

Allows bots to turn into worker bots capable of performing micro tasks for execution of end-to-end activities and digital workers performing activities typically undertaken by humans.

Cognitive automation ensures on time provisioning

Processes systems data in near real time, detects faults, and undertakes self-healing or triggers human intervention for resolution



Actionable insights drive resolution of issues

Cognitive automation makes sense of data for remediation

Early warning system
Near real time data from multiple systems provides a 360-degree view to visualize provisioning failures and remedy them promptly.

System trains bots to undertake self-healing of orders. If automated remediation is not viable, the system triggers an alert to the Application Support Group and Service Management Centre for manual remediation.

On time provisioning
Automation boosted On Time Provisioning by 0.3 percentage points, which accelerated order completion for a superior customer experience.

Cognitive automation enables automated troubleshooting and remediation

Automation approach helps pivot from reactive to proactive provisioning

Trains bots continuously to enhance self-learning and self-healing capabilities for remedying issues