Infosys and Katalon: Helping Customers Reduce Barriers to Adopt Automation in Software Testing

Over time, software testing has evolved from manual testing to end-to-end automated testing. While many organizations have automated some of their software testing requirements, this automation is normally done with open-source software such as Selenium or Cypress. This requires specialized, high-cost developer resources to build and maintain both the automation framework and automated test scripts. For many organizations, the complexity and costs involved in building and managing automated software tests create barriers to broader adoption leaving pockets of and varying levels of test automation.

As one of the largest software testing service providers in the world, Infosys has a long and successful history of helping its customers validate the quality of their digital products. To help its customers reduce cost and complexity of adopting test automation, Infosys has partnered with Katalon, a provider of solutions for test automation and software quality management. As a part of this partnership, Infosys has invested in building strong skills and capabilities around Katalon’s portfolio of test automation solutions. Infosys and Katalon believe that together they can help customers save both on cost and testing effort vs. traditional test automation development with open-source technologies.

Considering all variables, Katalon and Infosys estimate that for a customer with 50 test automation engineers, the combined Katalon+Infosys solution can save customers more than $1.5M/year in resource costs and improve test automation developer productivity by more than 40%. The total benefits including both cost savings and productivity gains is estimated to be more than $7M/year.

Test Automation Technology # of Automation Engineers Average Annual Cost # of Scripts Developed per 2080 hours
Katalon + Infosys 50 $4.68M 950
Open Source (i.e., Selenium) 50 $6.24M 555
Total Benefits ($1.56M) +395

*Assume $60/hour for an Open-Source test automation engineer working 2080 hours per year.

A case in point is an American multinational independent investment bank and financial services company providing financial services and its subsidiaries engaged primarily in investment and financial planning. Infosys was engaged with the client for an initial Proof of Concept using Katalon tool for their portfolio management application for a short stint of 2.5 months with a team strength of 3. Infosys was successfully able to deliver test automation framework utilizing several out of the box features of Katalon and delivered a regression test automation suite of 100 top-priority test cases.

This solution will help Katalon and Infosys customers accelerate test automation adoption by reducing the costs and complexity of test script design and maintenance and ultimately help customers improve test coverage and application quality resulting in great digital experience for end users.

Katalon is part of Infosys Innovation Network (IIN) program that aims to create lighthouse wins for clients to experiment with and Implement art-of-the-possible. Infosys de-risks client adoption of technology products   solutions by carefully curating these startups, finding the right fit and implementing early pilots and eventual sale to the clients.