Infosys Recognized as a Notable Accelerator in “The Quantum Revolution in India: Betting Big on Quantum Supremacy” Report by AVASANT and NASSCOM

Quantum has been stoking the imagination of the government, researchers, investors, enterprises, and students across the globe. The primary reason for this is the revolutionary impact it creates on multiple technological fronts.

In a recent report by Avasant and NASSCOM, Infosys has been recognized as a notable service provider in India, accelerating the Indian Quantum revolution. The NASSCOM-Avasant “The Quantum Revolution in India: Betting Big on Quantum Supremacy” report highlights the current state of the quantum market with respect to the resource development, collaboration ecosystem, and investment opportunities while underlining the key opportunities for India to pioneer. Infosys has always been at the forefront of technological innovations and has been a thought leader for Quantum Computing. Infosys is a leading incubator and accelerator of practical, quantum-based use cases in India.

Through our exploratory projects and extensive partner ecosystem comprising start-ups, hyperscalers, and universities, Infosys identifies, aligns, and develops diverse frameworks and use cases to enable enterprises to embrace quantum technology. Infosys has demonstrated its quantum capabilities in several areas, including Logistics, Finance, Cybersecurity, Oil and Gas, and Healthcare. Some of our most notable works have been as follows:

  • Portfolio Optimization: Financial portfolio optimization based on the risk appetite of the client, factoring in the fluctuations and volatility of the market and multiple other variables for better and faster results.
  • Vehicle Route Optimization: Optimizes the problem with multiple decision variables and operational constraints in vehicle routing and reduces the computation time significantly.
  • Workforce Allocation: Efficiently allocates the workforce based on their capabilities, working hours, tasks at hand, and numerous other factors. Even a small change in these constraints gets reflected immediately and seamlessly.
  • Fraud Detection: Analyzes all the transactions in real-time and immediately detects and blocks any potential malicious or fraudulent transaction, helping clients cut their losses.

Projections for Quantum Computing in India:

  • The adoption of Quantum tech can potentially add $310 billion of value to the Indian economy by 2030.
  • Manufacturing, high-tech, banking, and defense sectors will be at the forefront of quantum-led innovation by 2030.
  • <1% Indian enterprises are evaluating quantum prospects in their industry and businesses.
  • Quantum technology is expected to reach critical maturity by 2026-2027, which will boost enterprise adoption.
  • India has the potential to become an attractive destination for quantum R&D, software development, and components and equipment manufacturing.

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