iEDPS Supported Data Sources

Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite provides support for a variety of data stores - relational & non-relational databases, Big Data, Files and extends support to both on-premises and cloud.

Below is the list of databases currently supported by iEDPS:

Data Store Type Category
AWS-S3 (JSON,Delimited Files, Avro, Parquet) Cloud
AWS Redshift Cloud
AWS DynamoDB Cloud
GCP-CloudStorage (JSON,Delimited,EXCEL,Fixed length) Cloud
GCP BigQuery Cloud
Azure SQLData Warehouse Cloud
Azur ADLS Cloud
Snowflake Cloud
Progress RDBMS
Oracle RDBMS
Sybase RDBMS
Ingres RDBMS
Hive Big Data
HDFS - Delimited Big Data
HDFS - Fixed Length Big Data
HDFS - Various custom file formats by defining the file format through xml Big Data
HDFS - EBCDIC Files Big Data
HDFS - Avro Big Data
HDFS - Parquet Big Data
Apache Impala Big Data
Apache HBASE Big Data
Teradata Data Warehouse
Netezza Data Warehouse
Oracle Exadata Data Warehouse
DB2 - Mainframe Mainframe
Mainframe flat Mainframe
DB2 – AS400 Mainframe
IMS Mainframe
Mainframe VSAM Mainframe
EBCDIC/Mainframe binary format Mainframe
MongoDB NoSQL - Document
Couchbase NoSQL - Document
Cassandra NoSQL - Key Value
Salesforce Enterprise Apps
SAP Enterprise Apps
SAP4HANA Enterprise Apps
Siebel Enterprise Apps
SAP SuccessFactors Enterprise Apps
MS Dynamics Enterprise Apps
Oracle Siebel Enterprise Apps
Oracle Cloud Enterprise Apps
Delimited Files
Fixed Length Files
Excel Files
EDI Files Files
Variable length record(s) file Files
XML Files
Free Text File (logs) Files
JSON Files
Various custom file formats by defining the file format through xml Files
Image Files
Swift Files