Cognitive elements are a must for any new or existing systems today.

Sweet spots for Cognitive solutions are client problems or solutions that need infused intelligence for an improved experience, productivity such as identifying insights, anomalies from video, speech or unstructured text data to augment existing solution capabilities. Examples are identifying objects from videos to count assets spanned across geographies; unearthing possibilities such as sentiments, topics from voice records; improving enterprise content discovery, classification, and enrichment by using AI techniques;

How is Infosys delivering value to customers through Cognitive Solutions?


At Infosys, we have invested in creating our own cognitive platform by blending internal and external open source innovations. The platform provides API to infuse cognitive capabilities into enterprise applications without needing to disrupt them.

Infosys Enterprise Cognitive Platform (iECP) caters to a broad and growing list of use case(s) from image, voice, video, OCR, unstructured content text extraction, text analytics by combining the applications of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Cognitive, NLP, and AI principles & techniques.


Challenges & Solutions

iECP content mining API based solution can extract attributes and categorize content from product labels and artwork into relevant attributes. The platform has been leveraged for object detection, meter reading, face detection and surveillance.

iECP provides Video and Image API based solutions to train models for specific business assets to discover and count them.

iECP provides speech API based solutions that can be trained to adapt to context specific nuances such as accent, language, noise, etc. to discover sentiment, key topics, open questions, product feedbacks, etc.