Transforming businesses via sensitive Data discovery, Synthetic Data generation and Data Migration, keeping future shifts in mind.

How is Infosys delivering value to customers in the area of Data Privacy?


Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS) is an easy-to-use, high performance, scalable, and cost-effective data privacy and protection solution that automates the data masking process of an enterprise in a centralized manner. iEDPS protects confidential, sensitive, private, and personally identifiable information within enterprise repositories. Loaded with deterministic, selective, dynamic, and static masking tools, iEDPS can be deployed on any platform, and supports all major databases and file systems.


Challenges & Solutions

iEDPS helps discover and classify sensitive data within data stores by matching the taxonomy from metadata or the pattern of the data stored.

Once the sensitive data is identified, data protection controls can be applied automatically based on the classification.

iEDPS supports masking data within mainframe, Linux and Windows platforms. VSAM, ISAM, PS files, etc. can be configured directly using the iEDPS workbench.

iEDPS includes a collection of over 70 ready-to-use data anonymization algorithms. Multiple masking rules can be applied on the same entity attribute based on the conditions configured.