Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite is a patented, enterprise class data privacy and data management solution which enables organizations to protect and de-risk sensitive data. Bundled with next-gen test data management capabilities, iEDPS helps in quickly provisioning right sized privacy-preserved test data sets to non-production environments. iEDPS helps manage all your data needs and enables an organization to adhere to global regulatory standards such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PIPEDA, GLBA, ITAR, other global and local regulations. iEDPS can be deployed on any platform and supports all major databases and file systems.

How is Infosys delivering value to customers in the area of Data Privacy?


Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS) helps to assess the privacy maturity of an organization using its Privacy Gap Assessment feature. Sensitive data discovery feature helps in identifying where all sensitive data exists in an organization’s data repositories. Loaded with deterministic, selective, dynamic, and static masking capabilities iEDPS is used to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data available in heterogenous systems within an enterprise. Next gen test data management features including AI based data generation, data subset and data mining helps organization take care of its test data requirements.


Challenges & Solutions

iEDPS data discovery feature to scan across heterogeneous data sources (both on-premise and on cloud) to identify sensitive data. iEDPS uses various techniques such as Machine learning, regex pattern matching, and taxonomy matching for identifying sensitive fields. iEDPS masking feature having 180+ obfuscation techniques can be used to desensitize the identified sensitive data.

iEDPS synthetic data generation feature which includes 80+ data generation techniques to generate realistic data based on functional scenarios. Data can be generated in multiple formats [Pre-Set Files, Structured Data, Images, Communication Format] and also supports complex file formats like EDI for health care organizations.

iEDPS has a library of adapters including RDBMS, mainframe-based adapters, cloud-based adapters, SAP adapters, etc. which can be used to connect to both on-premise and cloud data stores. iEDPS provides deterministic masking techniques to protect data in a consistent manner across these heterogeneous data sources. More details on supported data sources can be found on the iEDPS supported data sources page.

iEDPS data augmentation feature uses machine learning techniques to augment data based on a sample data set. Data augmentation helps in generating additional data in desired volumes covering multiple scenarios.

iEDPS Cleanroom, a cloud-based (AWS/Azure) data management framework helps in securely manage the data life cycle right from data ingestion until data consumption. Leveraging iEDPS capabilities along with cloud-native solutions, iEDPS Clean Room framework helps in quickly setting up your data lakes on cloud in a secure manner helping you derive maximum results with your data.