The key to how well an application works once rolled out in its production environment depends on the rigorous testing that goes into it. However, testing in the production environment is not a feasible option, and due to security & privacy concerns, nor is creating a copy of production data. Test data creation & management provides your organization with a set of data that aligns with the production environment, captures all the relevant properties & formats while masking sensitive information; thus enabling you to apply meticulous testing for glitch-free deployment.

How Infosys delivers value in the Test Data Management Space


Infosys Test Data Management Suite is a web-based tool for centralized test data management. It provides a single and easy to use interface for Testing and Data Provisioning Teams. The tool comes with Test Data Generation, extraction, refresh, masking and sub-setting capabilities along with the data request based workflow for end to end TDM process management.


Challenges & Solutions

iTDMS has the capability to create fresh test data from scratch and can also conform to the various rules & formats of the deployment data to generate matching sets of test data, hence making testing valid and useful

Data protection is given prime importance as client data is protected via masking during test data generation, while retaining its original properties

iTDMS ensures that the testing occurs in a production-like environment thus cutting down on bugs, fixes and rollbacks that escalate the overall cost

iTDMS synchronizes and handles data in varying formats and from multiple sources for integrated testing and utilization