Adaptive systems are capable of employing multiple agents (AGV, UAVs and Fixed Cameras). The application of this solution is widespread in industries which have inspection as a day-to-day activity like insurance, energy & utilities, pipeline, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.


The Solution

Self-learning Inspection Management

The solution approach covers orchestration of multiple agents to acquire, process and manage evidence of inspection during its lifecycle as well as integrate with remediation workflows. The automated precision in positioning, digital scanning and evidence acquisition is achieved through multiple agents. The system can capture minuscule details with high-resolution images and clearly show damage & other defects at elevations and angles. It leverages Sensor fusion and Edge Computing to analyze captured data and initiate necessary workflows in the backend.



Extended coverage area of Inspection


Ability to navigate close to structures which are difficult for humans to inspect

Remotely perform inspection activities and access to unsafe and areas or structures

Reduction of physical documentation

Adapting to a Dynamic World through Responsive Intelligence


Adapting to a Dynamic World through Responsive Intelligence