Agricultural Combine Operators have to manually enter the Field name and ID every time they enter the fields or switch between the fields. This key information is lost if the operator fails to capture data or if the system throws errors.


The Solution

Auto-extraction of Field Data via iECP

Infosys Enterprise Cognitive Platform (iECP) was leveraged to automate the process of identifying fields when the Combine enters. In order to tag data with field IDs, satellite images were used to extract and define field boundaries, identify Combine movement between fields and tag Combine data with Field IDs. iECP enabled Field Data Management by providing predictive analytics to the client’s customers using data collected from fields. This was done by various technology modules such as Edge detection and clustering algorithms, Automatic extraction of field boundaries, Predictive Analytics using field meta-data and Real time Combine tracking with high resolution satellite image processing.



Collection of field data required much lesser time now


The solution provided insights via advanced Image processing techniques use to read data from images

It provided predictive analytics to customers using field data

Automatic detection of objects saved a lot of manual effort & time and reduced error rate

Future of Image Technologies in Financial Services


Future of Image Technologies in Financial Services