A large Utility Company wanted to extract information and display details about field equipment to field engineers for better Equipment Maintenance


The Solution

Visualize relevant data via Infosys AR-VR

Infosys AR-VR provides interactive experiences to real world environments by leveraging perceptual information and making it accessible to community of workers. Our AR-VR capabilities can help users visualize & manipulate large amounts of data, identify business anomalies, build field force enablement support for technology assisted remote maintenance, provide conceptualized and contextualized learning through immersive experiences and identify opportunities for improved interactivity.



Easy access to real time information via Augmented Reality


The application augments sensor information about the field equipment in real time and aids in periodic maintenance activities via predictive maintenance capabilities

All the activities can be carried out in sync with Enterprise Business Process Systems

The app accesses Enterprise Business Process Management Systems and Enterprise Content Management Systems to fetch digitized manuals, videos etc. which can be viewed as per need.

Bit by Bit: How AR and VR are entering the real world


Bit by Bit: How AR and VR are entering the real world